Automatic dialers, or auto dialers, are an example of computer telephone integration (CTI). Using special software and a modem, a computer can be programmed to automatically dial a long list of phone numbers. Depending on the softwares sophistication, the computer can detect whether a live person answers the phone and then hand the call over to a human operator. The computer can also be programmed to play a recorded message, leave a message on an answering machine, or provide a menu of options to the person who answers.

dialerA simple automatic dialing systems isnt very expensive or complicated to set up. You need four things to create a basic system, a computer, preferably a desktop model, a voice modem, an auto dialing software and an active telephone line.

A voice modem allows a computer to play or record audio over a telephone line. On a standard desktop computer, theres room for two to four internal modem cards. Each internal modem can only be connected to one phone line. So the more modems you have, the more phone calls the computer can make simultaneously.

If the auto-dialing system is going to be used in a call center with multiple live operators, then each operator will need his own telephone with a headset connected to a dedicated phone line. Autodialers can work over both the regular public switched telephone network (PSTN) or Voice over IP (VoIP).

The most important part of the auto-dialing system is the software. The software tells the computer which numbers to dial and how to respond to different situations (if an answering machine picks up, a human answers, a busy signal, et cetera).


There are several types of auto dialer:

  • Smart Auto dialer: Smart Auto dialer is an auto dialer capable of personalizing messages and collecting touch tone or speech feed backs. A speech engine is usually included for converting text to speech and recognizing speech over the phone. To customize or personalize messages, a smart auto dialer system uses message template, which contains variables that can be replaced later by actual values.
  • Preview Dialer: Preview dialer enables your phone agent to view the phone information before the call is being placed. Preview Dialer is an application that enables outbound preview or progressive dialing through the agent desktop. Preview Dialer gives agents the opportunity to review contact information to know whom they are calling and the purpose of the call before dialing the outbound call.
  • Power dialer: The power dialer provides efficient, reliable, and scalable multi-line outbound dialing. It is used in situations when an application needs to be able to make large volumes of outbound calls. For example:
  1. An application that monitors the status of a large network may need to call hundreds of technicians all over the country.
  2. A large-scale voice mail delivery system that delivers messages directly to a large number of individuals.
  • Progressive Dialing: Progressive dialer is used to save time and effort in manual dialing. It provides a real time monitoring. The call information is passed at the same time the moment number is dialed.

This technology is a major leap forward from the old auto dialer system and is an important addition to your company call center. It will not only increased efficiency of your agents, and call center in general, but also make things easier.